Testimony – Sister Avril Rathbone


I look back on the last few years in wonderment at the changes which have taken place in my life. As an extremely late arrival in the Lord’s house and coming from a non-church going background, I had lived my life the best way I could. Sadly many life decisions, although made in hope and good faith at the time, proved to be mistakes. These have caused much pain and sadness to those who have shared my life. 

My journey to find the Lord happened very quietly and gently without my realising it at first and I believe I am living testimony that prayer works!  

I have one child, a daughter, who lives with her family in USA. She also has suffered for my mistakes in the past, but found the Lord some years before myself. I have followed her spiritual life with much applause and great interest. It is evident in every part of her life that the Lord is in charge! Even knowing this, it did not occur to me initially that I too could share these many blessings. I know she had prayed for me with great fervour for my salvation, but had not pressed me on this. When visiting the family, I have gone with the family to their church in Madison, Wisconsin. My first visit was quite an adventure – I have never attended a Pentecostal church service before and when a lady sitting close by was filled with the Holy Ghost I sat there in a state of shock! While I was in such a receptive frame of mind my daughter offered me my first bible study. On Mother’s Day May 13th 2001 in Madison, Wisconsin I was baptised in Jesus Precious name. I made this decision to be baptised there because I wanted to share my joy with a daughter who has in many ways become my spiritual mother.  

I am so grateful to have a home church in UK, which is Bethesda Ministries at Nottingham. Psalm  68:6 says “God setteth the solitary in families”.  I have no relatives living in England, but I am not alone. God indeed has set me in a church family in Nottingham in the care of a precious Pastor and his family who I know care for my spiritual growth and safety. I have privilege of working for the fellowship, together with the blessing of much spiritual food in the house of God, and the knowledge that my church family watch over me. Praise God.

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